Heart failure

Heart failure can be a disease that has no symptoms for a long time throughout life (called the asymptomatic phase). When they appear, the predominant symptoms are:
    • Abnormal tiredness from efforts that did not cause it before. The blood does not reach the muscles properly and a situation of muscular fatigue is caused.
    • Tired breathing due to fluid stagnation in the alveoli of the lungs. If when lying down there is a feeling of suffocation that forces you to get up and sleep while sitting.
    • Sensation of fullness of the abdomen, anorexia (lack of appetite).
    •  Occasionally, dry and persistent cough may occur due to retention of fluid in the lungs or treatment with inhibitors of the conversion enzyme. In the latter case, the specialist can assess a change in treatment.
    • The reduction of blood flow to the brain can cause feelings of dizziness, confusion, a blank mind and brief loss of consciousness. If these episodes related to low levels of tension occur, it is advisable to sit or lie down.
    • Insufficiency can cause the blood flow to the kidneys is not enough, and fluid retention occurs due to decreased urination. This swelling is usually located on the legs, ankles or abdomen. And sometimes you urinate more at night than during the day (nocturia).
    • Shortness of breath (dyspnea) with exertion and poor tolerance to fatigue exercise.