The Cardiology service and Hosptialization, is integrated into the Heart Unit of the CHIP Hospital Complex. Supported by the most advanced imaging techniques, it covers the areas of outpatient consultations, hospitalization and non-invasive testing.


– External consultation of General Cardiology

– Specific external consultation of Arrhythmias

– Specific external consultation of Pediatric Cardiology

– Specific external consultation of Ischemic Heart Disease and Coronary Intervention

– Cardiological care for patients who come to EMERGENCY

– Sports recognitions and sports pre-participation (including those of high competition)


– Visit to admitted patients

– Direct participation in the diagnosis and therapeutic approach of cardiac patients who enter INTENSIVE CARE

– Cardiological support for INTERVENID patients of CARDIAC SURGERY

Non-invasive complementary tests

– Conventional 12-lead electrocardiography

– Echocardiogram performed in M ​​and two-dimensional mode, pulsed, continuous and color Doppler

– Treadmill stress test (Ergometry)

– 24-hour ECG Holter

– 24-hour ambulatory blood pressure monitoring

– Coronal CT of 64 cuts

– Cardiac RNM